First Contact Pracitioner (FCP)

We have a First contact Practitioner (FCP) starting with us on Fridays in the next couple of weeks.

His name is Khaled Barrick, will be working on Fridays 08:30am – 6:30pm.

Please call the surgery to book in an appointment.

When to book with FCP:

  • 1.) Pain, swelling, heat, redness, reduced movement in a defined body area
    – Anywhere in the arm (shoulder to and including hand) or leg (hip to and including foot)
    – Any part of the spine or pelvis (neck to lower back including buttocks)
  • 2.) Pain swelling, heat, redness, reduced movement at multiple sites
  • 3.) Neurological symptoms
    – Weakness, tingling, burning, shooting, numbness and pins and needles
    – These symptoms may occur in combination with above signs in 1. and 2.